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International environment

The Hague City!

M45 is based in The Hague the Netherlands. The first Dutch telegram line was established in 1845 between The Hague and Amsterdam. Which makes it for a mobile company the perfect city to be based in. Next to that it is the seat of the Dutch Cabinet, States General, the Supreme Court, most foreign embassies including International Court of Justice and International Criminal Court and of course the United Nations. This really gives our company the desired international environment.

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Our playground

Our office building is called the Bink36, which is the old PTT/KPN building that also has a mobile background. The 3 buildings house more than 200 companies with a very creative / entrepreneurial environment which drives innovation.

Our Philosophy

We believe that success comes from mastering all small but important details that drives our products. With our young and creative team we question every detail and aspect of our products/processes and re-invent them. Our team has various backgrounds from in and outside the industry that helps us innovate.

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Our main goal is to always provide our partners with high converting and custom innovative solutions. We strive to optimize and customize our mobile products to the fullest with the latest technologies.


Brainstorm sessions = no restrictions. In this way we come up with amazing new, innovative ideas. We follow the latest trends and technologies.


Is there anything more awesome than bringing your ideas to reality? Nope! We use our creativity, design and development skills to bring life to our products!


We optimize our campaigns with CRO, usability and user experience. With our marketingpartners we look for the match between advertising and conversion.


Wish to discuss a partnership or have any questions please contact us below.

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